The Saga of the shower…

So, my house is like that little saying ”the house that Jack built” only it’s the house that ”Davy half-a-job” built. This is a name that my family has given to my dad over the years of living in my house. He starts a project that my mum nags on at him for years to do, but instead like everyone normal, he wants things done ”yesterday” so it’s just done quickly and unfinished. You usually go to open doors and they come off the hinges or fall down the stairs because the banister rails supposedly to ”prevent” you from falling, collapse and well you go with them…but here over the past year or more, we’ve had a lot of problems with our shower…let me update you on my facebook status posts on the ”shower”

In the middle of shower when the hot water runs out, one shaved leg, full head of conditioner, fml. Currently being rescued by my sister who is kindly letting me finish up in her shower, so if you see a complete Eejitt running around the streets with a bright pink diamonte might I add…shower cap, snowflaked pattern (not even fecking christmas) dressing gown on, one shaved leg, and carrying a bottle of tressemme conditioner…it’s not me, I swear it. Fml .__.”

”My shower is in a league of it’s own….like seriously, it has TWO heat settings, your choices conclude of ”ice cold with a side of hypothermia, or ”lava molting, 3rd degree burning hot”. It EVEN leaks through your floor so that you can have your very own swimming pool in your own kitchen. Amazing right?
I know, you’re all jealous…but don’t be disheartened, you can have your very own ”McIntyre ghetto” shower too, just by clicking on this link .
Don’t forget when purchasing, to add my Mum’s very own creation and idea of CAST IRON candle stick holders inside your shower wall, for you know the ultimate experience off…”rinse, lather and repeat with a side of ”brain concussion”. All major credit cards accepted. :)”

So, another round of ”the dodgy shower status’s”…brace yourself folks! So I decided to save my self from that pain in the ass, that is my shower, and have a bath…after sitting in the bath for not even five minutes…I hear a louuud creaking sound coming from underneath it. So I get an overwhelming feeling of, ”this bath is going to come through the fecking ceiling with me in it, while dad’s casually washing the dishes” So you know, naturally as per usual I jump out…head full of tresemme conditioner, one shaved leg, one yeti leg…go downstairs to find my cat ontop of the my half dead dog’s back while they’re having a wee swimming session in my kitchen…the whole ceiling and kitchen had flooded. So Davy half a job goes to investigate after his ”five minute Victor Meldrew moaning session” Only to find out that the plumbers, when putting new water taps on our bath, forgot to reattach the over flow pipe .___. Safe to say, that’s the last time I let plumbers into my house just because they look like Gerard Bulter….I COULD HAVE DIED YOU MELTERS. Do yer jobbbbbbb….

Here is my Dad and his recent discovery of the unattached over flow pipe:

So safe to say, i’ll be showering in the garden with the hosepipe in future 🙂
Hope you Enjoy!
Becca x

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One thought on “The Saga of the shower…

  1. thirtymummy

    Omg even though I have read your facebook status’s I still nearly pee myself reading this.

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