Jacc’s Flavoured instant coffee (Banoffee) flavour review!

So, after my Douwe Egberts scrumptious ”Flavour collective”
coffee find, I was hooked on the craze of instant flavoured coffee!

I started doing some research to see where else I could get flavoured
coffee and what other kinds were available. Unfortunately after scoping
out Tesco’s, Asda and Sainsbury’s…I had no luck on other brands of
flavoured coffee.
So I was stomped….then I remember the amazing
other world, that is EBAY. I managed to stumble across an amazing online
coffee shop ”Jacc’s coffee” They have their own shop on ebay and also
a website with so many flavours, my head almost explode and I spent
without exaggerating over and hour, trying to decide which flavour to
Finally, my love for Banoffee pie took over and I opted for that flavour.

So this coffee, I mean there is just so many words to describe how perfect it is. No seriously, it’s beautiful. I was just like the Douwe Egberts scenario, quite skeptical on the weakness of flavour and it just ending up tasting like regular old coffee. This was again not the case at all, infact it was absolutely beautiful. It gave off such a strong flavour of banana and toffee, it wasn’t that fake ”banana” flavour either, it was just gorgeous and decadent. I completely fell in love, from the smell alone. I opened the jar, and safe to say, I died and went to heaven. The aroma of bananas combined with this caramel infused coffee was heaven in a cute glass jar. For my love of mason jars, this was on point, perfection.

Postage and packaging? Wow, just wow. I purchased this beautiful jar of heaven for only £1.99, and for coffee to taste that good, for that price? Bargin.

Postage was only £2.39, I ordered it off eBay on Tuesday night, by Thursday morning, the postman had a near death experience as I about knocked him up the garden path for the package.
”Finest Arabica coffee beans freshly ground and delivered to your door.” Is a statement I can totally 100% agree with. It was so quick arriving, so I was extremely pleased, as I need my caffeine in the Am.

Jacc’s gourmet coffee co instant flavours consisted off:

Irish Cream
Rich Hazelnut
Cognac Napoleon
Viennese Cinnamon
Black Velvet Toffee
Creamy Cappuccino
Sweet Amaretto
Belgium Chocolate Indulgence
Bounty Island
Cuban Ru
Maple Walnut Crunch
Mocha Orange Frappuccino
Christmas Pudding
Cupids Crème Brulee
Royal Champagne
Minty Chocolate 
Raspberry Chocolate Jubilee
Blackberry Brandy

You can see why it took me over an hour to pick right? 😛
I think I will be trying the ”Irish cream” , Mocha chocolate orange frappuncino” and ”Belgium chocolate indulgence” ASAP.

Verdict? Divine and pure delight in a cute glass jar and I will most defiantly make it my goal to be purchasing every other flavour possible, before 2013 is out!
Rating for flavour, price, P&P?: 10/10

Price range?: £1.99-£3.00

So to all my lovely bloggers out there, if you love coffee?, you love dessert? You love sugar free and no calories? but beautiful, amazing, full bodied decadent flavour? Then get your sparkling selves onto ”Jaccs” website and ORDER this. You will seriously not be disappointed.
Links to Jacc’s gourmet coffee co”
Website: http://www.jaccscoffee.co.uk/
Ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251177680924?_trksid=p5197.c0.m619
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jaccscoffee
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jaccs-Gourmet-Coffee-LTD/185554464877052

Most importantly, to ”Jaccs gourmet coffee”, Thank you so much for being coffee geniuses and creating these beautiful jars of heaven. I am so happy to have found your company and I can say with confidence, I will have all those flavours tried before this year is out. 🙂 Thank you so much for you fast and elegant P&P and more importantly, as a poor art student, I applaud you for your extremely reasonable prices and not ripping my empty pockets to shreads :).

Bex ❤



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6 thoughts on “Jacc’s Flavoured instant coffee (Banoffee) flavour review!

  1. OMG!!! I’m ordering this straight away, what a fantastic find!
    I love flavoured coffee and banoffee sounds like a dream to me too. And “Bounty Island” oh wow!
    Thank you so much for sharing! (Can you tell I’m a bit excited lol).
    Katherine x

  2. haha awww yaay, thank you so much for reading my post, wasn’t sure if anyone even read them haha! You should defiantly order this, sooo good! Let me know what you think, if you do get it :))
    Bex 🙂

  3. Andy

    Hi Bex .My name is Andy owner of Jaccs Gourmet coffee .Thank you so much for your positive review on our Banoffee coffee .It was a big gamble to bring out so many flavours of instant flavoured coffee as you rightly say its hard to find any flavoured coffee at all ,but iam pleased to report we have had fantastic sales and reviews since we launched these in the summer of 2012.We get a real buzz when we get a review like yours so thank you again i hope you enjoy all our products as much …

    • Hello Andy!, Awh wow, thank you so much for reading my review, seriously much appreciated!!. You’re so very welcome, it is my pleasure to get the word out I hope, on your yummy coffee, it is fabulous! The world needs to know about this fabulous creation! 🙂 You’ve done a fantastic job, is there any flavours you recommend I try next?
      Bex 🙂

  4. thirtymummy

    The smell when I opened that jar was really strong I wasn’t expecting that. Didn’t get to try it though 😦

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