A Special package and one of my most favourite treats in the world…Hot Chocolate

So, some of you sparkly people may or may not know, one of my undoings in life is hot chocolate. Like seriously, if I don’t have my hot chocolate fix everynight, I get grumpy. I am an avid hot chocolate drinker and I can safely say, i’ve tried every type of instant hot chocolate available here in Northern Ireland, except for one flavour ”go bananas” from the options hot chocolate brand……until TODAY!
The options hot chocolate range, is one of my favourites. Especially ”wicked white hot chocolate” as I am insanely in love with white chocolate…. ImageNext comes Cadbury and Galaxy instants, om nom nom. Though in saying that, i’ve been wanting to try Hot chocolate instant from ”Whittard of chelsea” for like evers, their white hot chocolate one looks absolutely amazing! Maybe they’ll find this post and take pity on my ”student-with-no money-who-needs-her-hot chocolate-in-order-to-survive-life-self” tehehehe 😛

So, thank you to the lovely Miss Katherine, from one of my favourite review blogs: Grocerygems  You probably know of her blog from my recent posts, and if not, seriously go check out it out,it’s awesome 🙂
So,  I recommended options hot chocolate range for Miss Katherine to review a couple of weeks back and as we both love Banana flavoured items, we found out options had a limited edition flavour ”Go bananas”. So naturally we HAD to track it down! 😛

You can check out Katherine’s review here:

Unfortunately no luck for me here in Belfast as they are limited edition :(. So Miss Katherine, legend she is, found them at Sainsbury’s and very kindly sent me some today in the post to try! Along with my ultimate favourite chocolate…Malteasers which has been made into a new bar!

2013-04-19 01.28.07How cute is the multi-coloured polystyrene thingy-mah-jigs?! 😀 😀 😀

So, options is fab for not leaving lumps in your mug, however like Katherine mentioned, I also use a small mug to make these sachets in so they stay all chocolately! So, tonight I made it up in my Cinderella mug my mommabear got for me, which I am not ashamed of at all…NOT ONE BIT, NOPE. Do not judge me, I am a princess, afterall 😛
Great part about this range is, they’re fantastic for a chocolate fix if you’re on a diet, seeing as they range from 39-44 calories, or if you want a more moreish chocolate treat, they also have an ”indulgent range”, ranging from 61 calories or less, make them up with milk even for more creaminess!

2013-04-19 01.45.50

I loved this flavour so much, of course I knew I would though, because really anything banana flavoured is wonderful, it’s one of my favourites! Chocolate and Banana however? The PERFECT combination honestly.
I love how this flavour didn’t leave a fake banana flavour and leave a bad after taste, as some banana flavour products, unfortunately can do. 
That being said, of course, as always, options done it right, I was left with wonderful strong fruity banana flavours and  indulgent chocolate tones.

Defiantly gets a 10/10 from me 🙂 It is really sad this is only limited edition though, however options have a lot of different flavours and if you haven’t had them, go get some! Foreals they’re yum and can be purchased  in most shops really. Check out their flavours here:

I will be tracking down their new ” Belgian Choc Butterscotch” because it sounds nommy, nom noms!


Options, you are hands down, one of the best products out, I seriously can’t go a night without you in my life….marry me? 😛
I love all your flavours and really wish you would make an ”Irish creme” flavour, just because I’m Irish, biased and well, c’mon, it’s Irish cream and chocolate, sounds divine right? 😛 Or even just let me come work for you….I’ll take much care of the merchandise 😉

Thanks so00000000 much again, Katherine….this was such a lovely treat tonight, after doing lots of crappy college work, I enjoyed it with my GORGEOUS Malteasers bar, it cheered me up so much!

Which by the way is absolutely amazing for anyone who hasn’t tried it yet! Though, my taste test reviewing defiantly needs worked on, so go check out this review by one of my other favourite blog owner’s, Miss Hannah, who if you remember, very kindly sent me a whatchamacallit bar from U.S.A to taste test 🙂  Hannah (the review addict)
She’s awesome and just like Miss Katherine, will save you from making bad decisions on food and drinks with her awesome reviews ;D

So go cheer your sparkly selves up and make a big mug of hot chocolate 🙂

Lots of love and sparkles, Bex!

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10 thoughts on “A Special package and one of my most favourite treats in the world…Hot Chocolate

  1. Great review Becca and thank you so much for the mention. I wish I liked hot chocolate but I just can’t bring myself to drink it which I know is weird since I love all other things chocolate! Loving the mug by the way!

    • Aww, thanks lovely lady! You’re so welcome, I love your blog, it needs to be shared! 😀 Awk wells, no worries if you don’t like hot chocolate, though i’d be more worried if you said you didn’t like ”chocolate” at all haha :P! Thanks for the lovely comments….I loves my mug too ;D

  2. Awww you’re welcome Becca and thanks for all the awesome mentions! 🙂

    I’m so glad you liked the hot chocolate, it’s a real shame that it’s limited but the great thing about Options is all the new flavours that they come out with all the time. Such a great find on the Butterscotch, I’ll be trying to track that one down too! And I’m still hoping that they will bring out another banana flavour soon!

    • You’re so very, very welcome, Lovely lady! Thank you sooooooooooo much for it :))) Butterscotch sounds amazing doesn’t it ? :D, Hopefully find it soon! They need more banana flavours in this world, I totally agree! I loved it so much though, such a wonderful hot chocolate 🙂 Haha,Princess mugs for the world, though I do not judge you at all, Wee Tom and Mario are legends, i’d drink from their cups too ;D

  3. Oh and I need to get me one of those princess mugs too! I drink the hot choc out of the kids mugs that belong to my son – so it’s either Thomas the Tank Engine or Mario lol

  4. Lovely review Becca! I’m also a big fan of hot chocolate, I’ve loved the white choc Options for years and I always stock up when it’s on special offer! I wonder if that new butterscotch flavour is the same as the toffee one they used to do – it was like Caramac in hot chocolate form, rather than caramel flavoured regular hot chocolate.

    Co-incidentally I just bought some Whittard rhubarb white hot choc yesterday to review (thanks to your tweets!), and noticed they also do 50p sachets of some flavours. I only saw the white choc creme brulee one and a few milk choc ones so I went for creme brulee. If you like I’ll send you some next time I’m there?

    • Hiii Kev, I do the absolute same when the ”white hot chocolate” is on offer too! It’s soooo yummy, my ultimate favourite flavour, you know I love anything white chocolate wise haha! Oh my god, Caramac hot chocolate form? sounds PERFECTION. I love love love caramac bars, they’re scrummy. I’ve been wondering about that too actually, if it would taste like the toffee one, as the toffee one is really yummy too! I will totally go check out your review right now :D!! Love your blog also! So glad I found it recently ;D. That’s awesome you got the scummy hot choc, cannot wait to hear your review, haven’t seen anyone’s review’s on this company’s hot chocolate so you’ll be my first review read 🙂 Oh my word, you’d send me some? I would love you for ever and ever if you did haha, that would be amazinggggggggggggg, thank you so so so so much, I’d truly, truly appreciate it! Ahh 😀 Thanks for all the lovely Comments Kev!

  5. Also you might want to check out my latest review since you like white choc 🙂


  6. Oooh sounds yummy x

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