My Sister has been shortlisted for a BiB award!! Please vote!

Hello Sparkly bloggers and readers! :))

Hope you’re all having an awesome week!

So, My wonderful fab sissy, who I am so unbelievably proud of this week….well not just this week, she always makes me proud but still, i’m a PROUD little sister, has been shortlisted for a BiB award (Brilliance in blogging) under the family category for her blog! Image


Her blog is totally awesome and I would appreciate it soooooooo much if you could help out and vote for Lisa’s blog! We would be really appreciate it and lets face it, she deserves to win…but I could be biased tehehe ;D

It’s fairly straight forward to vote however, only take few minutes and I would most truly appreciate it!
Here’s how to vote:

Just go to my Sister’s blog here Thirtymummy


Click on the BiB button, enter in your email/name and vote for her blog under the ”FAMILY CATEGORY”

Thank you ever so much again, I truly appreciate it!

Lots of love and sparkles,

Bex x

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7 thoughts on “My Sister has been shortlisted for a BiB award!! Please vote!

  1. Thanks sooooo much Kev! :)))

  2. Just voted! 🙂
    I was just wondering if you would be interested in signing this petition, my friend has started it and we are trying to spread the word and get more help for those suffering with an eating disorder 🙂
    Love the blog by the way


    • Thanks sooooo much Erin, truly appreciate it!!! :D, Absolutely, I would be more than happy to sign the petition! I’ll do it right now actually :), Thank you so much for your support via my blog, truly appreciate your lovely comments, made my day 🙂 x


    think that I may have put the address down wrong first time haha oops x

  4. Voted! Well done to your Big Sis. that’s a fab achievement already. Good luck too 🙂

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