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Silent Sunday!



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A Special package and one of my most favourite treats in the world…Hot Chocolate

So, some of you sparkly people may or may not know, one of my undoings in life is hot chocolate. Like seriously, if I don’t have my hot chocolate fix everynight, I get grumpy. I am an avid hot chocolate drinker and I can safely say, i’ve tried every type of instant hot chocolate available here in Northern Ireland, except for one flavour ”go bananas” from the options hot chocolate brand……until TODAY!
The options hot chocolate range, is one of my favourites. Especially ”wicked white hot chocolate” as I am insanely in love with white chocolate…. ImageNext comes Cadbury and Galaxy instants, om nom nom. Though in saying that, i’ve been wanting to try Hot chocolate instant from ”Whittard of chelsea” for like evers, their white hot chocolate one looks absolutely amazing! Maybe they’ll find this post and take pity on my ”student-with-no money-who-needs-her-hot chocolate-in-order-to-survive-life-self” tehehehe 😛

So, thank you to the lovely Miss Katherine, from one of my favourite review blogs: Grocerygems  You probably know of her blog from my recent posts, and if not, seriously go check out it out,it’s awesome 🙂
So,  I recommended options hot chocolate range for Miss Katherine to review a couple of weeks back and as we both love Banana flavoured items, we found out options had a limited edition flavour ”Go bananas”. So naturally we HAD to track it down! 😛

You can check out Katherine’s review here:

Unfortunately no luck for me here in Belfast as they are limited edition :(. So Miss Katherine, legend she is, found them at Sainsbury’s and very kindly sent me some today in the post to try! Along with my ultimate favourite chocolate…Malteasers which has been made into a new bar!

2013-04-19 01.28.07How cute is the multi-coloured polystyrene thingy-mah-jigs?! 😀 😀 😀

So, options is fab for not leaving lumps in your mug, however like Katherine mentioned, I also use a small mug to make these sachets in so they stay all chocolately! So, tonight I made it up in my Cinderella mug my mommabear got for me, which I am not ashamed of at all…NOT ONE BIT, NOPE. Do not judge me, I am a princess, afterall 😛
Great part about this range is, they’re fantastic for a chocolate fix if you’re on a diet, seeing as they range from 39-44 calories, or if you want a more moreish chocolate treat, they also have an ”indulgent range”, ranging from 61 calories or less, make them up with milk even for more creaminess!

2013-04-19 01.45.50

I loved this flavour so much, of course I knew I would though, because really anything banana flavoured is wonderful, it’s one of my favourites! Chocolate and Banana however? The PERFECT combination honestly.
I love how this flavour didn’t leave a fake banana flavour and leave a bad after taste, as some banana flavour products, unfortunately can do. 
That being said, of course, as always, options done it right, I was left with wonderful strong fruity banana flavours and  indulgent chocolate tones.

Defiantly gets a 10/10 from me 🙂 It is really sad this is only limited edition though, however options have a lot of different flavours and if you haven’t had them, go get some! Foreals they’re yum and can be purchased  in most shops really. Check out their flavours here:

I will be tracking down their new ” Belgian Choc Butterscotch” because it sounds nommy, nom noms!


Options, you are hands down, one of the best products out, I seriously can’t go a night without you in my life….marry me? 😛
I love all your flavours and really wish you would make an ”Irish creme” flavour, just because I’m Irish, biased and well, c’mon, it’s Irish cream and chocolate, sounds divine right? 😛 Or even just let me come work for you….I’ll take much care of the merchandise 😉

Thanks so00000000 much again, Katherine….this was such a lovely treat tonight, after doing lots of crappy college work, I enjoyed it with my GORGEOUS Malteasers bar, it cheered me up so much!

Which by the way is absolutely amazing for anyone who hasn’t tried it yet! Though, my taste test reviewing defiantly needs worked on, so go check out this review by one of my other favourite blog owner’s, Miss Hannah, who if you remember, very kindly sent me a whatchamacallit bar from U.S.A to taste test 🙂  Hannah (the review addict)
She’s awesome and just like Miss Katherine, will save you from making bad decisions on food and drinks with her awesome reviews ;D

So go cheer your sparkly selves up and make a big mug of hot chocolate 🙂

Lots of love and sparkles, Bex!

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Nestle Galak Speculoos Review!


So this is the other food item sent to me by the very lovely, Miss Katherine from ”Grocery gems blog”

I first noticed this bar on Katherine’s blog and instantly knew straight away, I wanted to try it! So words cannot even describe how happy I was when I opened my package and seen this beauty inside. White chocolate is hands down my ultimate FAVOURITE chocolate on the planet, however alot of people don’t like it as they think it’s ”too sweet”.

Honestly, in my opinion, nothing beats the creaminess and wonderfulness of white chocolate.

Milkybar from ”Nestle” in fact is one of my all time favourite chocolate bars along with lindt’s very own ”Excellence white chocolate” range and well…kinder? It kind of counts due to the yummy milk center filling…

So, the cool thing about this chocolate bar I thought was the fact it is actually from ”Belgium”, I am fascinated by traveling and food from different parts of the world, especially European chocolate as honestly, it has to be said, the quality and creaminess of European chocolate is genuinely hard to beat.

”Speculoo’s, I believe is a type of spiced shortcrust biscuit, traditionally baked for consumption on or just before St Nicholas’ feast in the Netherlands (December 5). I love these type of biscuits honestly, especially the brand from the UK ”Lotus”. My mum used to buy them all the time when I was younger, so this bar brought back nice memories 🙂

The chocolate is white, delicious and extremely creamy and I love love love love love it, especially because it would put you in mind of a bar here called ”Milkybar”. Let’s face it, how can you not like a Milkybar? It’s like Haribo, everyone..even grown ups! 😀

The speculoo’s biscuit is infused the whole way through the bar which gives it a delicious, cinnamon crunch. I myself, absolutely loves cinnamon so this bar was perfect for me. BeFunky_Undehrpainting_2.jpg

I really enjoyed this bar, infact I enjoyed it so much, I nearly took the last two teeth my Dad has from his mouth, as he was suspiciously plotting and eying up my choccie bar! Cheek of him, I do believe he has a death wish 🙂

Verdict? I sooooo wish this Nestle bar was available here, seriously Nestle, get it sorted! I loved it so much, but I knew I would anyway before I even ate it, with the delicious smell alone.

The lovely Katherine also reviewed this bar, this is actually where I first spotted this beauty and knew Instantly I HAD to try it, so check out her review here, she’s awesome 🙂
Katherine’s Review of Nestle Galak Speculoo’s

Thank you ever so much Miss Katherine again, for sending me this, and the rest of my wonderful package. It really has been one of the best food swaps, ever! Thank, you, thank you, thank you! 🙂

I would defiantly buy this bar again….only if I could 😦

Rating? 10/10

Lots of love and Sparkles, Becca!

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The loveliest, sparkliest package….ever! (Dedicated to Miss Katherine from “Grocery Gems Blog”)

ImageHello sparkly blog readers,!

So I am super excited to do this blog post, on behalf of my wonderful friend, Katherine! She is the owner of the blog “Grocery Gems” in which she mainly specializes in reviewing food and drink products. Like Miss Katherine says herself, she is “easily enticed by the words NEW or LIMITED EDITION” So, to save yourself moneys and eating nasty food and being completely disappointed to the point where you want to sue Tesco’s, ASDA, Sainsburys and any other (hopefully luckily enough to not live in the arsehole of nowhere to have a supermarket) for dodgy advertising…then Katherine, the legend she is, will save you from that with her awesome blog! 🙂

Recently though, Katherine posted a blog, on which she is currently reviewing “Around the world in 80 snacks” How cool is that? Some of the food/drink on there is super funky and delicious  looking…especially the Irish section, if I do say so myself 😉 Tehehehe.
Seriously though, go check it out!….Which leads me to telling you that, I noticed Katherine actually hadn’t had anyone fill the country of Ireland yet, so I thought it would be such a cool opportunity to be the person to do so! I decided that I wanted to send her something really traditonally ”Irish” and after speaking to my mommabear, she told me….Potato bread was actually quite difficult to find anywhere outside of Northern Ireland, so I came up with the idea to gather a few items together, so Katherine could make her own version of an ”Ulster fry up” Which is a staple breakfast here, in Northern Ireland and it has to be said, her version or so I hear her hubby actually prepared an epic version of our ”fry up” and it looked absolutely scrumptious, props to you lovelies! Nigella would be super proud ;D!

So Katherine, the lovely lady that she is, very kindly sent me a food exchange parcel back, with all my favourite type of goodies! Everything from orgasmic white chocolate (ultimate fav!), Italian scrumptious nommy nom crisps and of courseeeeeeee absolutely wonderful sparkly nail polish, Katherine knew how much I love sparkles, like….seriously, what would life be like without sparkles eh? Which actually, I was going to pick up the exact same polish last week, until I came back down to earth and realized, Becca….you’re a student, enough said, life sucks…get over it.
Potentially I could have ran to the Poppabear, but he hid that “American express years” ago…. 😉


 So as a result, we have SPARKLES! ImageEven the beautiful card was sparkly, thank you so much for being so thoughtful, Katherine 🙂

I will most defiantly be doing two separate blog posts on ”taste testing reviews” for the delicious chocolate and crisps” So please keep your wee eyes peeled for that!

Again, Thank you so much for all my wonderful gifts, Katherine. I love reading your blog posts everyday and this was sooo kind of you to do this! I really appreciate it more than you can imagine, and it most defiantly made my Wednesday 100000000 sparkles better 🙂 So thank you, thank you, thank you!! 🙂

Thank you so much for reading this post, lovely bloggers/sparkly people, it means a lot to me that you take the time out of your day to read my blog….I know I do talk shite sometimes, so I do appreciate you even getting this far, to read my admitting to ”talking shite” :D!

Please, please, please go check out Katherine’s blog, it is totally awesome and will most defiantly have you drooling and potentially raging in a good way because there is certain food items that you can’t get in your own country, so in that case…Miss Katherine will keep you in informed on where to pick the yummy food items up!

Also check out Katherine’s, Irish food blog posts, and maybe… why not have a go at making your own version of an ”Ulster fry up”?!

”Ulster fry”
“Tayto-irish-roast-beef-peppercorn-sauce crisps!”

Lots of love and sparkles,


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Taste testing- Hershey’s Whatchamacallit chocolate bar!

Hello to all my lovely bloggers! 🙂

So, today my Pappabear and I taste tested an American Candy bar, ”Whatchmacallit” which was so very, very kindly sent to me, by one of my favourite blogs and bloggers….Miss Hannah 🙂 Hannah’s blog is totally awesome, you guys need to check it out, she seriously taste tests some nommy food, and potentially saves you from eating some horrible shite, haha!
So for that, we thank you Hannah!
Please check Hannah’s blog out here and follow, she’s amazeballs!

Okies so, I was really excited about trying this bar, as the first thing I noticed was ”peanut butter”. Anything with peanut butter is just perfection, then again, it’s an American candy bar, so therefore if there wasn’t peanut butter in it, it’d be like Ireland without potatoes….
ImageNow I apologise for my dodgy picture taking, however my camera of course died as soon as I turned it on, so had to use my phone.

This bar is described as:
Peanut-Flavoured Crisp topped with a layer of caramel and dipped in chocolate. It is a 45g bar and will set you back 230 calories.
Firsty, upon opening this bar It instantly had an overwhelming wonderful aroma of peanut butter, so I was instantly intrigued. Image
On first bite, I noticed how it was a unique blend of four separate flavours and three separate textures. You have the crunchiness of the little crispies, which kind of reminded me of the inside of a toffee crisp bar we have here in the UK, which I personally love. Then it continues on with a rich, smooth chocolate. Sandwiched in between is the caramel. The caramel isn’t the type of caramel I usually love, which is a flowing type of caramel you get in galaxy or cadbury caramel bars, however it had a nice chewy texture to it, kind of the texture you would get with a curly wurly bar. But Whatchamacallit contains good caramel. Lightly sweet, so thin and soft that you can enjoy its intermingling with the other flavours, especially the peanut butter. Image

My dad loved the peanut butter flavours and the light, crispy texture as did I. However, just like most American chocolate bars, the chocolate coating was overly sweet and had a slight cooking chocolate element to it. Dad and I both agreed that had this bar been en wrapped in Cadbury chocolate, then it would be perfection, sorry Americans, but your chocolate just is lacking so much creaminess! However, the name for this chocolate bar is too cool, especially when you’re a scatterbrain like me and call everything I can’t remember the name of ”a whatchamacallit”.

However, I did have so much fun taste testing this bar. As it is imported from America, I believe Hannah picked this bar up for £1.09 from
Thank you so much Hannah, once again for sending me this, I truly appreciate it!

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Jacc’s Flavoured instant coffee (Banoffee) flavour review!

So, after my Douwe Egberts scrumptious ”Flavour collective”
coffee find, I was hooked on the craze of instant flavoured coffee!

I started doing some research to see where else I could get flavoured
coffee and what other kinds were available. Unfortunately after scoping
out Tesco’s, Asda and Sainsbury’s…I had no luck on other brands of
flavoured coffee.
So I was stomped….then I remember the amazing
other world, that is EBAY. I managed to stumble across an amazing online
coffee shop ”Jacc’s coffee” They have their own shop on ebay and also
a website with so many flavours, my head almost explode and I spent
without exaggerating over and hour, trying to decide which flavour to
Finally, my love for Banoffee pie took over and I opted for that flavour.

So this coffee, I mean there is just so many words to describe how perfect it is. No seriously, it’s beautiful. I was just like the Douwe Egberts scenario, quite skeptical on the weakness of flavour and it just ending up tasting like regular old coffee. This was again not the case at all, infact it was absolutely beautiful. It gave off such a strong flavour of banana and toffee, it wasn’t that fake ”banana” flavour either, it was just gorgeous and decadent. I completely fell in love, from the smell alone. I opened the jar, and safe to say, I died and went to heaven. The aroma of bananas combined with this caramel infused coffee was heaven in a cute glass jar. For my love of mason jars, this was on point, perfection.

Postage and packaging? Wow, just wow. I purchased this beautiful jar of heaven for only £1.99, and for coffee to taste that good, for that price? Bargin.

Postage was only £2.39, I ordered it off eBay on Tuesday night, by Thursday morning, the postman had a near death experience as I about knocked him up the garden path for the package.
”Finest Arabica coffee beans freshly ground and delivered to your door.” Is a statement I can totally 100% agree with. It was so quick arriving, so I was extremely pleased, as I need my caffeine in the Am.

Jacc’s gourmet coffee co instant flavours consisted off:

Irish Cream
Rich Hazelnut
Cognac Napoleon
Viennese Cinnamon
Black Velvet Toffee
Creamy Cappuccino
Sweet Amaretto
Belgium Chocolate Indulgence
Bounty Island
Cuban Ru
Maple Walnut Crunch
Mocha Orange Frappuccino
Christmas Pudding
Cupids Crème Brulee
Royal Champagne
Minty Chocolate 
Raspberry Chocolate Jubilee
Blackberry Brandy

You can see why it took me over an hour to pick right? 😛
I think I will be trying the ”Irish cream” , Mocha chocolate orange frappuncino” and ”Belgium chocolate indulgence” ASAP.

Verdict? Divine and pure delight in a cute glass jar and I will most defiantly make it my goal to be purchasing every other flavour possible, before 2013 is out!
Rating for flavour, price, P&P?: 10/10

Price range?: £1.99-£3.00

So to all my lovely bloggers out there, if you love coffee?, you love dessert? You love sugar free and no calories? but beautiful, amazing, full bodied decadent flavour? Then get your sparkling selves onto ”Jaccs” website and ORDER this. You will seriously not be disappointed.
Links to Jacc’s gourmet coffee co”

Most importantly, to ”Jaccs gourmet coffee”, Thank you so much for being coffee geniuses and creating these beautiful jars of heaven. I am so happy to have found your company and I can say with confidence, I will have all those flavours tried before this year is out. 🙂 Thank you so much for you fast and elegant P&P and more importantly, as a poor art student, I applaud you for your extremely reasonable prices and not ripping my empty pockets to shreads :).

Bex ❤



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One of my favourite blogs!

Since I have started up my own blog, I’ve been exploring around other blogs and coming across some really interesting ones. I found this lovely lady’s blog, and as it says on the tin, in her words ” My name is Hannah and I am a Review Addict!” . Personally I LOVE review blogs, they’re so helpful, especially when you are a poor student like myself and you don’t have the spare change around sometimes to risk trying something to absolutely hate it. At least this way, you’ve a good insight on the product! I was really excited to stumble across Hannah’s blog, as she reviews everything from, cleaning products, pet products, gadgets, food, drinks and beauty products (love this one!).
So Recently, I noticed McDonald’s new promotion for Christmas, ”The Orange flavour chocolate pie”
McDonalds webpage/chocolate orange flavour pie:


I’ve been hesitant towards it, as it looks incredibly sickening, so I was excited to find that Hannah accepts requests on products to review, so I emailed her asking if she would be able to do a review on the pie and she, much to my appreciation had it done within the day. I was really honoured, as she has been my first ”review request”! Defiantly one of my top favourite blogs. Don’t take my word for it tho, check out Hannah’s blog and follow! 🙂 You wont be disappointed. Her reviews are extremely thorough with pictures!!  Also please check out her review on my request, those pies sound delicious, if you try one, let me know your opinion too in the comment section below!

Link to Hannah’s blog/request:

Thanks so much again Hannah, absolutely love your blog, I’ve found it extremely helpful and I love your reviewing techniques, looking forward to your next post, and I’m glad you enjoyed your pie!
Have a fantastic Christmas 🙂

Becca x

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