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Silent Sunday!



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The loveliest, sparkliest package….ever! (Dedicated to Miss Katherine from “Grocery Gems Blog”)

ImageHello sparkly blog readers,!

So I am super excited to do this blog post, on behalf of my wonderful friend, Katherine! She is the owner of the blog “Grocery Gems” in which she mainly specializes in reviewing food and drink products. Like Miss Katherine says herself, she is “easily enticed by the words NEW or LIMITED EDITION” So, to save yourself moneys and eating nasty food and being completely disappointed to the point where you want to sue Tesco’s, ASDA, Sainsburys and any other (hopefully luckily enough to not live in the arsehole of nowhere to have a supermarket) for dodgy advertising…then Katherine, the legend she is, will save you from that with her awesome blog! 🙂

Recently though, Katherine posted a blog, on which she is currently reviewing “Around the world in 80 snacks” How cool is that? Some of the food/drink on there is super funky and delicious  looking…especially the Irish section, if I do say so myself 😉 Tehehehe.
Seriously though, go check it out!….Which leads me to telling you that, I noticed Katherine actually hadn’t had anyone fill the country of Ireland yet, so I thought it would be such a cool opportunity to be the person to do so! I decided that I wanted to send her something really traditonally ”Irish” and after speaking to my mommabear, she told me….Potato bread was actually quite difficult to find anywhere outside of Northern Ireland, so I came up with the idea to gather a few items together, so Katherine could make her own version of an ”Ulster fry up” Which is a staple breakfast here, in Northern Ireland and it has to be said, her version or so I hear her hubby actually prepared an epic version of our ”fry up” and it looked absolutely scrumptious, props to you lovelies! Nigella would be super proud ;D!

So Katherine, the lovely lady that she is, very kindly sent me a food exchange parcel back, with all my favourite type of goodies! Everything from orgasmic white chocolate (ultimate fav!), Italian scrumptious nommy nom crisps and of courseeeeeeee absolutely wonderful sparkly nail polish, Katherine knew how much I love sparkles, like….seriously, what would life be like without sparkles eh? Which actually, I was going to pick up the exact same polish last week, until I came back down to earth and realized, Becca….you’re a student, enough said, life sucks…get over it.
Potentially I could have ran to the Poppabear, but he hid that “American express years” ago…. 😉


 So as a result, we have SPARKLES! ImageEven the beautiful card was sparkly, thank you so much for being so thoughtful, Katherine 🙂

I will most defiantly be doing two separate blog posts on ”taste testing reviews” for the delicious chocolate and crisps” So please keep your wee eyes peeled for that!

Again, Thank you so much for all my wonderful gifts, Katherine. I love reading your blog posts everyday and this was sooo kind of you to do this! I really appreciate it more than you can imagine, and it most defiantly made my Wednesday 100000000 sparkles better 🙂 So thank you, thank you, thank you!! 🙂

Thank you so much for reading this post, lovely bloggers/sparkly people, it means a lot to me that you take the time out of your day to read my blog….I know I do talk shite sometimes, so I do appreciate you even getting this far, to read my admitting to ”talking shite” :D!

Please, please, please go check out Katherine’s blog, it is totally awesome and will most defiantly have you drooling and potentially raging in a good way because there is certain food items that you can’t get in your own country, so in that case…Miss Katherine will keep you in informed on where to pick the yummy food items up!

Also check out Katherine’s, Irish food blog posts, and maybe… why not have a go at making your own version of an ”Ulster fry up”?!

”Ulster fry”
“Tayto-irish-roast-beef-peppercorn-sauce crisps!”

Lots of love and sparkles,


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Merry Christmas lovely bloggers!!! :)

386357_10150502912394647_411804490_nMerry Christmas to all my lovely readers. I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas eve, Christmas day and a wonderful New year! Eat, drink and be merry until your hearts content! Hope Santa is good to you all 🙂 Lots of love, Bex x

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One of my favourite blogs!

Since I have started up my own blog, I’ve been exploring around other blogs and coming across some really interesting ones. I found this lovely lady’s blog, and as it says on the tin, in her words ” My name is Hannah and I am a Review Addict!” . Personally I LOVE review blogs, they’re so helpful, especially when you are a poor student like myself and you don’t have the spare change around sometimes to risk trying something to absolutely hate it. At least this way, you’ve a good insight on the product! I was really excited to stumble across Hannah’s blog, as she reviews everything from, cleaning products, pet products, gadgets, food, drinks and beauty products (love this one!).
So Recently, I noticed McDonald’s new promotion for Christmas, ”The Orange flavour chocolate pie”
McDonalds webpage/chocolate orange flavour pie:


I’ve been hesitant towards it, as it looks incredibly sickening, so I was excited to find that Hannah accepts requests on products to review, so I emailed her asking if she would be able to do a review on the pie and she, much to my appreciation had it done within the day. I was really honoured, as she has been my first ”review request”! Defiantly one of my top favourite blogs. Don’t take my word for it tho, check out Hannah’s blog and follow! 🙂 You wont be disappointed. Her reviews are extremely thorough with pictures!!  Also please check out her review on my request, those pies sound delicious, if you try one, let me know your opinion too in the comment section below!

Link to Hannah’s blog/request:

Thanks so much again Hannah, absolutely love your blog, I’ve found it extremely helpful and I love your reviewing techniques, looking forward to your next post, and I’m glad you enjoyed your pie!
Have a fantastic Christmas 🙂

Becca x

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My Favourite Funky Facts…

Here are some cool facts I’ve found on my nightly internet surfing…when I should be doing homework! 😛
Hope you enjoy, and if you have any funky facts, please comment with them….would loved to hear them! 😀
Bex ❤

                                Per capita, the Irish eat more chocolate than Americans, Swedes, Danes, French, and Italians.
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Welcome to my blog!



Hello, Beautiful bloggers,

Just a little post to say, if you’re reading this, then thank you so much for taking the time to visit my page, I appreciate it so much. This is my very first blog, so if you’re following me, then I truly appreciate the support!

As you’ve already read in my ”about me” post, My name is Becca, I’m 19, Art Student. I am vegetarian, but no worries I wont shun you to society for finishing that last bite of your bacon double cheese burger :P. Lets just say, I love being a girl, possibly the biggest girly girl you could ever meet. I love shoes especially high heels and boots as i’m only 4ft 11, it’s essential 🙂 Anything and everything that sparkles, glitter, pretty lights, fairies, sequins, diamonds…the list is endless. Anything vintage, stars in the sky, watching movies, playing my guitar/song writing, listening to Taylor swift endlessy, shopping and reading up on my fashion/designer magazines,makeup, shoes, collection of pretty perfume bottles, cable knit/winter fashion, white hot chocolate and heat. Love spending time with my family.  This blog is about my life and all the little adventures I face, including fashion, inspiring notes, food, art, music, and general life style. I’m going through alot of battles in my life right now, as i’m fighting an eating disorder, I hope this blog can inspire others with strength and hope, who could be going through the same, or their own personal life battles, lets face it, we’re only human.

Please feel free to follow me on, Pinterest, instagram and twitter, on my side menu you’ll find the links!

I really hope you follow and enjoy my blog, I hope that you’ll enjoy reading about my life, and maybe find some strength and inspiration through my journey. Feel free to suggest any blog posts you might want me to do, or any questions you want to ask me, just ask away, i’ll be happy to hear from you!
Lastly, don’t ever forget, no matter what anyone tells you…in my eyes, you sparkle and I was very enchanted to meet you 🙂

Love Becca x

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