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The ABC’s of me…

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Addictions: Nutella, Pepsi max, mikado sticks, chewing gum
Bed size: Queen sized 😀
Chore you hate:  Absolutley deteste washing the dishes, water is either far too hot or too cold.
Dogs or cats: I have both, I love my baby kitten though, Mr Valentino 🙂
Essential start of your day: Coffee, coffee, coffee!
Favorite color: Purple
Gold or silver: Both, I LOVE anything sparkly!
Height: 4ft 11”, absolute shorty.
Instruments you play (or have played): I play acoustic guitar, banjo and ukulele….does voice count? I sing, 24/7.
Jobs titles you’ve had: Crew member in Micky dee’s :P, Food service assistant and bar staff.
Kids: Not yet, my sisters has given me enough baby experience for a while yet….
Live: ♪In a neat little town, they call Belfast♪, Northern Ireland
Mom’s name: Lesley
Nickname: Becs, Becca, Becky, Beckers, B-swizzle,shorty, Button,
Overnight hospital stays:Asthma attack, extreme IBS problems and heart palpitations.
Pet peeve:  Repeating myself, dirt, conceited big headed people.
Quote from a movie: “I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.”-Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
Right or left handed: Oooo Lefty.
Siblings: 3 gorgeous sisters, 3 interesting brothers-in-laws 🙂
Time you wake up: Hm, usually 8:30am for college, weekends? ahahaha…
Underwear: Primarks finest (:
Vegetables you dislike: I love every single last vegetable on the earth, so EAT YOUR VEG! 😛
What makes you run late: Usually i’m far too cold to move, which results in getting dressed under my quilts, which makes the process even slower.
X-rays you’ve had done:Dentist, throat and stomach
Yummy food you make: Apparently I make a good cuppa tea?
Zoo animal: Has to be an APE, so fricken hilarious, I want a big uber cuddle with them!

Lots of love, B-swizzle 😛

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A friend’s poem…

So, I’ve known Colin since I was about 10 years old. Basically we grew up together through our teen years, he’s been a very dear friend of mine. He’s been through a lot in his life, having faced a lot of battles, we relate a lot. He’s one of a very few of my friends who know about my eating disorder. He has helped me through a lot of shit situations, just with his words of wisdom alone. Today he shared his poem, that he wrote for me. I am so honoured that I could be inspiration to him, to write a poem. It means the world and more to me..

I hope you lovely people enjoy Colin’s poem, hopefully it can bring hope and inspiration if needed, to your lives aswell. ❤

Colin, this is truly a beautiful poem, you’re so talented and deserve to be recognized for your talents. I was very moved reading this, it brought me to tears. I hope that others will appreciate your piece as much as I do. Thank you so much for writing this for me, it made me smile…alot. Thank you for all your support you’ve given me through this mess too. I appreciate it more than you can imagine.

Keep strong,  and in the words of Taylor Swift -”You and I will be safe and sound, and I was very enchanted to meet you :)”

Colin’s Poem:

The Words Unspoken

Together they walked down a lonely road
The wind shook neither the leaves nor the trees
The cold air nipped at them both but her warmth overflowed
The warmth of her friendship protected him from the freeze.

She walked a little behind, he a little ahead
Already many times this pattern both of them took
They walked the path slowly in case he strayed

She was there to keep him steady whenever he shook.Any time he tripped she was standing right there
Ready to catch him in case he fell
She whispered his worries were not for he alone to bear
For his worries were ones she herself had known so well.

Her years were shorter than his but she had lived through much too
She could understand a little of what he could feel
Using her words she could help him get through
He couldn’t move forward without her at his heel.

Her own heart ached but she put his first
Because she was beautiful both inside and out
Her good nature filled her, ready to burst
One of the best in his life, of that there was no doubt.

The twinkle in her eye shone like a bright little star
The smile across her face that would never fade
The laughter that echoed from near to far
The glow from inside which outside went on parade.

Her inner strength was enough to carry her on
Her beauty shone around but she was unaware
A great number of talents she had possessed for so long
Helping her escape from the many things she had to bear.

They stopped and turned to face one another
To take a long look into each other’s eyes
She was like his sister; he like her brother
They took each others’ hands and walked on in their lives.

One silent moment he looked up above
To thank God for the beautiful angel He had sent
An inspiration and a guide, so full of love
To help him get by: for so long on her he had leant.

Together they walked down a lonely road
They walked hand in hand, side by side not letting go
Further they carried on; their friendship overflowed
The happiness they had they could to the world show
More and more they went urging each other on
They walked on silently, nothing needed to be said
The support lay in both their hands, all words were gone
He had so much to say to her: so he let his pen do the talking instead.

hope you lovelies enjoy,
Bex ❤
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