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Whittard of Chelsea- Hot chocolate review :-)

Hellllooooooo Sparkly bloggers! 😀

So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, been super busy basically replicating the ”North Antrim Coast, mountains, cliffs, my house replicated, bridges”…all in my livingroom. Yes, I know sucidal, but as an Art student, well we’re all weirdo’s with no life as Art just takes over.
I’ll actually post some pictures of my sculpture soon, give you more understanding of what the hell i’m taking about haha.

Anyways, I have to make an apology to Kev, from Kev’s snack reviews who’s blog is absolutely epic, he does some wonderful and intriguing food reviews, pleaseeeee, please go check out Kev’s blog. He is a super cool guy and really will save you from eating some dodgy foods….. but also introduce you to the craziest, groovy finds, ever! 😀

for being soooo late with this blog post, stupid Art!

Kev, and as most of you sparkles know, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my hot chocolate and I’ve been wanting to try Whittard of Chelsea’s brand of hot chocolate for such a long time now, and Kev very, very kindly sent me these sachets to try as they aren’t available in Northern Ireland, unless I order online. THANK YOU KEV! 😀

So starting, OF COURSE with the white hot chocolate, because omg, I couldn’t wait, as white chocolate in general is my favourite, I got out my little princess mug, looking goooooood Ariel 😉 Kev suggested to me a small mug = more indulgence.

Boiling up my annoying leaky Tesco’s value kettle….waiting for about half my life for it to finish, I poured it into my cup and instantly smelt the amazing aroma off milky, sweet vanilla goodness.


On Whittard’s website, they describe this one as ”One of our best selling hot chocolates – White magic, deliciously creamy, as soft as velvet.”

and myyy goooooooooddddnesss, they’re so right.

It was extremely creamy, even without milk! Though, don’t let that stop you adding extra milk for creaminess.

As soon as I put it into the cup, it was sooo easy to stir up and dissolved almost instantly, which I was really happy about as some instant hot chocolates I find extremely difficult to just get stirred up and mix properly, without lumps. Not in this case one bit, all the sachets actually mixed up so well.

The white hot chocolate was like a melted milkybar in my cup, how PERFECT?! like foreals. It was soooo lush and morish.

If you love milkybar’s or white chocolate in general, I highly recommend this one. It is sweet and incredibly creamy and well, just pure decadence.

Moving onto the ”The luxury Hot chocolate flavour” described as ‘’ Our luxury hot chocolate is unashamedly rich and silky smooth. It gives you a moment of decadence’’

Which actually got a great taste gold award, really was rich and decadent. It reminded me more of a dark flavoured chocolate. It was indeed very rich, more bitterness to it than usual cocoa powder. I do like dark chocolate also, a lot…so this one was scrummy, I fairly enjoyed it!  If you like more of bitterness to your chocolate, rather than super, sweet, this one is for you. Only thing missing? Marshmallows and cream.


                                  Lastly, Creme brulee flavoured white hot chocolate

I actually let my Dad have this one, as he had been eying it up in the cupboard for over a week! He’s very privileged to be honest, because crème brulee is one of my favourite desserts.

I have actually never heard of crème Brulee flavoured hot chocolate so I was extremely intrigued and of COURSE my Dad was too. So I had to be nice and share.

Luckily enough I was able to sneak a gulp from his cup and oh my word, it was DELICIOUS.

Dad to be honest, just loves anything sweet, or so his diabetes tells us ;D. So his opinion was “aye, taste’s like Crème Brulee” doesn’t it…’’
Silly man, but what I got from my one and only gulp, more incredibly moreish tones of rich caramel and Vanilla. It was fab!

Have to admit though, as you guess, the white chocolate flavour was my absolute favourite. You seriously just cannot beat a flavour that tastes like just pure melted white chocolate.

Whittard of Chelsea basically is a brand that not only sells  over 18 varieties of luxurious hot chocolate, which includes everything from White Chocolate and Strawberry to Chilli?!, (gotta try that one, just to be spontaneous..yep first time I ever used that word.) But, they also sell lots of Tea Varieties….130 to be exact!, coffee and the most gorgeous china, equipment and glassware to go along with their decant products.
Whittard of Chelsea, you’re absolutely divine, cute, wonderful and perfect all at the same time and I hope more and more people discover your wonderful company and products, because your hot chocolate was absolutely one of the best I have ever had. PLEASE COME TO NORTHERN IRELAND.  :)))

Sparkly peoples, please check out Whittard’s website, sit down, grab one of their yummy cuppa’s and read up on how they became a company, their story is really interesting! They’re fantastic company with delicious products and I highly recommend and will be ordering some new flavours from them, very soon!


Overall, these flavours, all of them were extremely decadent and delicious; I really, really enjoy each and every single one of them.

White hot chocolate- 10/10

Luxury hot chocolate- 8.5/10

Crème brulee-9/10

Again, thank you ever soooooo much Kev, for being so SUPER kind and giving me the opportunity to try these fab flavours. I truly, truly appreciate it and it most defiantly cheered me up and got me through the grim art assignment days! J

So, lovely bloggers, thank you for reading this post, defiantly check out Kev’s and Whittard’s website’s here:

Whittard of Chelsea:

Kev’s EPIC blog 😀

and remember to always….


Lots of love, Becca xx


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Douwe Egberts-Flavour collective review!!


So, this is my first ever product review, so don’t be too harsh on me 😛 It is very strange, but I have seen this coffee advertised numerous times, as it is the sponsor of the best tv show ever ”Friends” on comedy central. Honestly, I never really paid much attention to it, until the other day I noticed that Sainsburys had an offer on these wonderful little jars. (£2.00) Usually retailing for around £3 in Tesco’s, and Asda also. So picking the caramel flavoured jar up, immediately the aroma of lucious scented coffee and caramel notes, lured me in. I knew then and there, I HAD to try these.
The collection consists of three flavours:
Smooth Caramel
Roasted Hazelnut
Delicate Vanilla

Being a nutella junkie, I also purchased the hazelnut flavour along with the caramel without question. Unfortunately the vanilla isn’t available here yet, however if any of my lovely readers have tried this one, let me know your reviews on it?

Beginning with the:

Smooth Caramel

  • Caramel flavour, freeze dried instant coffee
  • Only 2 calories per mug*
  • 25 servings per jar
  • Tastes great hot or ice cold.


Imediatley apon opening this cute little mason jar (which I love and will keep) My nostrils was instantly hit toffee and caramel. Honestly It smelt like starbucks coffee shop, in a mason jar. Which, lets be honest….what could be more perfect?
This is a really smooth and flavoursome coffee, it offered a real burst of indulgence and a very rich toffee aroma which I absolutley loved. I made mine with 2 sugars and a little bit of milk, however, Surpringly the flavour of caramel was really strong and blended beautifully well with the coffee. So if you’re not a fan of sugar in your coffee, this collection gives the perfect balance of flavour and sweetness.


Roasted Hazelnut:

I love anything Hazelnut, infact I shamefully admitt to taking the tablespoon to the jar of nutella in my cupboard. You know you do it too, don’t deny 😉

Just like the caramel, I was immediatly hit with a beautiful strong aroma, only this time it was a burst of full-bodied nutty delight!

This flavour is absoluley gorgeous, it works extremely well with the coffee, again, I was not let down by the weakness of flavour, it was all hazelnut perfect. My senses were deffiantly awoken  with this mouth-watering full-bodied flavour. This delight is deffiantly for you if you’re looking for full flavour – and a best friend for those Amaretti biscuits.


I loved both of these flavours, however my love for ”Nutella” is going to shine through, and i’ll admitt I prefered the ”Hazelnut” more than the ”caramel”.
Having said that, it will be a kenco advertisment scenario, if one molecule is spilt 🙂
I was extremely surprised as to how beautiful these coffee flavours were. I was half expecting all coffee and just a hint of caramel and hazelnut. However, I was not dissapointed! The flavours were very strong and tasted absolutly devine.
Roasted Hazelnut (9/10)
Caramel: (8.5/10)
Price range – £2-3.00
Makes 25 servings!
Available in most major supermarkets (Asda, Sainsburys, Tescos…etc.)

If you’re like me and absolutley love starbucks and their delicious frappucinos , but not their prices then this product is for you!, It is so versatile, Douwe Egberts have alot of recipes online to use these instant coffee’s in! So check it out,

Here is one I will be trying tomorrow 🙂

Iced Coffee Recipe Douwe Egberts



Ingredients: Cold water (dependent on glass size) 3 – 5 Ice cubes Milk (to taste) Sugar (to taste) 1 tsp of your favourite flavour of The Flavour Collective coffee

Preparation: 1. Put some cold water in a tall glass (about fifth of the capacity) 2. Add 1 teaspoon of your favoured The Flavour Collective coffee and 1 teaspoon of sugar (optional – you can vary the amount of sugar to taste) 3. Use a milk frother to blend the mix for about one minute, until a rich and creamy foam is created. If you don’t have a milk frother, try using a cocktail shaker instead to shake the mixture thoroughly. 4. Add ice cubes to the top of the glass and pour over cold milk. 5. Enjoy!

More recipes online:

Enjoy, lovelies!

Becs x


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